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       Transaxles and Transmissions

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Griffin Gearboxes is in business to help with ALL of your gearbox needs.

If you want a tranaxle for your mid-engine steet car, rear engine drag car, street rod, or even an all-out race car,
then Griffin Gearboxes has what you need.

If you are shopping for a manual transmission for your street car, drag car, street rod, tow truck, or an all-out race car, then Griffin can help you with that too.

We at Griffin Gearboxes are updating our website weekly, sometimes daily.
So keep coming back for more info and updates!

A little history first, if you please.
In 1988, while planning a big block powered Manta, we could not find a suitable transaxle.
Autos Unlimited Inc. started in 1992.
Autos Unlimited was the first company to start with a
Doug Nash 5 speed transmission, integrated a ring and pinion to configure it into a transaxle.
The transaxle was built and marketed as a 850QC.
The uniqueness of the Doug Nash transmission allowed us to keep the main case of the transmission intact, add a differential case, and change the tail housing into a Quick Change Gear case.



Autos Unlimited stopped building gear boxes 3 years later....

In 2009 we found that the gearboxes we built 17 years earlier were still in use.

WOW...  We must have had something great!

We starting digging around for parts.
We discovered we still have many of the parts and pieces we need. Some we have lost.
We found most of the tooling, but some key pieces are missing.

Best of all we found you guys still need a bullet proof gearbox.

After a lot of, research, phone calls, encouragment, and hours and hours of prayer, Griffin Gearboxes began.

With the knowedge gained from building the 850QC,
add to it the changes Richmond Gear has made to the Nash transmission, and the upgrades that Long Machine has made to the G-Force racing transmission, we have the components in place to build the gearboxes that you have been looking for.

With the guidance of Fran Hall, owner of Race Car Replicas, we have perfected the 850QC into the gearbox of the future.

The fact being part of the patterns for the castings are missing required us to make new patterns. This allowed us to chance to fix the layout issues that required the use of quick change gear.

By integrating the transmission case and the differential housing into one casting we have designed  an open architecture that offers a wide range of transaxle configurations. 

The next generation of gearboxes are equipped with a 8.8 inch ring and pinion set and will be known as the 900 series transaxles.

Check out the gearbox configuration that best fits your application.




Griffin Gearboxes
220 US Hwy 90 East
Castroville TX 78009
(210) 286-8165

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